Back-veining in aillikite dyke; remobilization of carbonate selvage by later intrusion Aillikite dyke with thick carbonate selvage: Cape Aillik, Labrador Joining of two dyke segments by lateral propagation (see Foley, 1989 Geol. Mag.) Multiple intrusion in lamprophyre dyke: the two dykes occupy a single crack just 30cm away. Accumulation of small xenoliths close to dyke tip A classic aillikite (carbonate-rich ultramafic lamprophyre) with olivine and phlogopite phenocysts Olivine-rich aillikite. Note abraded form of the phenocrysts Aillikite (carbonate-rich ultramafic lamprophyre) Leucite lamproite from Gaussberg, Antarctica: note spinel inclusions in olivine phenocrysts and full crystal shapes of leucite microcrysts within the yellow glass Kimberlite with many small crustal xenoliths, Zarnitsa Kimberlite from Monasetry Mine, South Africa. Note single alrge mantle peridotite xenolith, macrocrysts of garnet (red) and ilmenite (black), plus crustal xenoliths Kimberlite with reaction rims around garnet macrocrysts. Ilmenite macrocryst also present