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Cross-cutting Proterozoic diorite dykes Metabasites veined by epidote Five generations of dykes over 800 million years Metasediments of Cape Aillik Metatuffs with K-feldspar metasomatism Net-veined diorite on Turnavik Island Plagioclase phenocrysts up to 20cm in dolerite dyke Tectonic breccia: metamrophosed limestones (grey) deform easily whereas quartites break up into blocks Tectonised late Archean granite, Turnavik Island Alluvial fans on the margin of Death Valley, U.S.A 2-4m obsidian blocks on the top of a rhyolite flow front, CA Accumulation of mafic minerals in a faulted crystal mush, eastern Tasmania Tilted Ordovician carbonate sediments, western Newfoundland Numerous spinel lherzolite xenoliths, Dzhilinda river, Siberia Erosional unconformity within Palaeozoic limestones, western Newfoundland Tectonic mélange beneath an ophiolite, Frenchman’s Cove, Newfoundland This valley was filled by a Glacier 100 years ago; Upper Rhine valley, Switzerland Imbrication of sediments by overriding ophiolite emplacement, western Newfoundland Freshly formed cone and old eroded cone in dacites, Mount Shasta Faulted ash flow tuffs, Bishop tuff, California Redox reactions in uranium-rich sediments, Nevada Sheeted dykes of an ophiolite complex, Wild Bight, Newfoundland Sole marks in shales, Newfoundland Field camp in Siberia. Mica growing into olivine from a melt film surrounding spinel. Incongruent crystallization of mica consumes olivine Infiltrating melt preferentially sourrounds spinel due to surface energy effects