Field guides: Prelevic Dejan (prelevic@uni-mainz.de), Cuneyt Akal




 KULA volcanic field-Turkey

The Mediterranean region is a complex collage of microplates of different compositions and geological history which originated in response to late Cretaceous Cenozoic convergence of Africa Arabia with Eurasia when numerous continental, microcontinental and ophiolitic terranes amalgamated together. The closure of numerous preexisting oceanic basins was facilitated by oceanic subduction, continental drift, microplate rotations and migration of subduction arcs. This complicated interaction between orogenic processes and widespread extensional tectonics was especially dramatic in eastern Mediterranean, where Tertiary volcanism of contrasting geochemistry has taken place.

This field trip highlights various stages in the evolution of Turkey. In Tertiary time, Turkey was a site of intense volcanic activity related to the collision and subduction along the Hellenic and Cyprus arcs. Turkey presents a key area for study of Mediterranean style subduction, and related volcanism. We will visit all major volcanic provinces: the Western Anatolia Aegean province which was dominantly affected by voluminous Tertiary magmatism with orogenic geochemical signature and in which the volcanic rocks are related to the end of the orogenic phase, and the N-S trending Kyrka Afyon Isparta volcanic province. Also, we will visit Kula volcanic field which erupted between about 1.1 million and historical times, spectacular ignimbrite fields around Foca and Afyon, and a number of historical places from Hellenistic and Roman times. Besides, we visit famous Tavsanli zone, one of the most spectacular occurrence of blueshists. Finally, we visit extremely fresh and well preserved ophiolithic sequence around Antalya where our fieldtrip finishes.

This 14-day field trip will present a quick, intensive overview into volcanism and tectonism in this dynamically still active region. We invite you to discuss with us origin models and examine geological features of this exciting area, but also to have fun!


ISCEKISAR near AFYON-lamproitic lava flow over ignimbrites, TURKEY



AFYON- trachitic dome, TURKEY