Dr. Sebastian Müller


Research interests

I am an experimental volcanologist. My current research focuses on the investigation of flow properties, or rheology, of magma, under special consideration of its multiphase character. Understanding the rheological properties of magma is of vital importance in physical volcanology, as the viscosity of magma can vary by several orders of magnitude and thus can play a decisive role in determining the eruptive style of a volcano. Magma is commonly a complex mixture of three phases: a silicate melt, solid crystals, and a gas phase (bubbles). Each of these components contributes, in a specific way, to the bulk flow behaviour of the magma, and potentially adds numerous complexities to the rheology, such as non-Newtonian behaviour, yield strength, elasticity etc.. In my research, I try to unravel these complexities by performing flow experiments on magma-analogue material, e.g. silicone oil or sugar syrup. Current & planned projects at the JGU include:

- The influence of crystal size distribution on magma flow properties.

- The influence of shearing on the development and evolution of permeability in bubbly suspensions.

- Rheology and flow features of mingled magmas - Magma extrusion from layered dykes.

Curriculum vitae:

since 2011 Wissenschaftlicher Assistent, AG Vulkanologie, Insitut für Geowissenschaften, JGU Mainz

2009-2011 NERC Research Fellow, School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol, UK

2006-2009 Research Assistant (Post Doc), School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol, UK

2002-2006 PhD student, Sektion Mineralogie, Petrologie, Geochemie, LMU München

1996-2002 Degree in Geology/Palaeontology (Diplom), LMU München