Lab-oriented Research

Analogue modelling

  • Development of Flanking Structures - These structures are important as shear sense indicators. We model them with analogue materials.


  • Sandbox models of block rotation and rift interaction - DAAD project where we compare structures that develop in Sandbox models with numerical simulations and patterns in the East African Rift System.

      Numerical modelling

      • The development of Microstructures in low temperature Environments and their influence on the rheology of the Crust.


      • Boudinage and Fracture spacing - study the spacing and development of fractures in competent layers.


          • Dymanics of vein forming mechanisms - study in detail the formation and dynamics of veins including hydrofracturing.


            • Phase-boundary structures - study in detail structures that develop during dissolution-precipitation creep and other phase-transitions. These structures may be useful as stress indicators.


              • Melt-solid reactions and associated structures - study melt solid reactions on the grain - scale to determine stabilties of wetting angles.


              • Coupling between different processes during dynamic recrystallization - determine deformation mechanism maps of different dynamic processes.


              • Lithospheric scale models of rift segment interaction and rift flank uplift.