Dr. Sven Meyer

PhD- Thesis:
“Field-based research on branching shear zones in Precambrian rocks”

Research interests:
My main research interests encompass all aspects of ductile and brittle shear zones: How the shear zone branches interact, the kinematics behind the jog part between the branches, and how the shear zones have grown in a complex high strain system at different crustal depth levels. Investigations involve microstructural studies, numerical analysis using 2-D numerical modeling, and kinematic analysis of deformed rocks (foliations, porphyroclasts, folds or boudins and flanking folds). I am also interested in field-based research, with a focus on mylonites in Precambrian rocks and the interpretation of structures. I am presently involved in fieldwork projects in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Namibia and Switzerland.
My interests extend to the development of digital field mapping techniques and the systematic analysis of structures in digital data.

• 2004-2011: Undergraduate study at Johannes Gutenberg-University (JGU) Mainz, Dipl.-Geol.
Thesis:”Flanking Folds in Goantagab region, Namibia”
• 2006-2011: Student assistant for Prof. Cees Passchier & Daniel Köhn (Tektonophysics working group)
• 2011-present: Teaching and Research assistant at the JGU
• Since June 2011: Doctoral student, Institute for Geosciences, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz

• Sven Erik Meyer; Cees Passchier; Tamer Abu-Alam and Kurt Stüwe
A strike-slip core complex from the Najd fault system, Arabian shield
Terra Nova, 2014, DOI: 10.1111/ter.12111

• Tamer Abu-Alam; Mahmoud Hassan; Kurt Stüwe; Sven Meyer; Cees Passchier
Multistage Tectonism During Gondwana Collision: Baladiyah Complex, Saudi Arabia
Journal of Petrology, 2014