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Macintosh software and some more links relevant for geoscientists (R. Petschick, Frankfurt DE)

Geoscience related software (Mac DOS Windows UNIX) (Erlangen DE)

Links to Geoscience Freeware/Shareware (Houston)

Geological Software Resources (Oxford UK)

Software written by members of Earth Sciences (Cambridge UK)

Macintosh Geological Software (Geology Department TCU)

Rockware Earth Science Software

Petro Dynamics (Basin Modelling)

UK Earth Science Courseware Consortium (Manchester)

Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Software Directory

The Soft Earth (Philip Ingram)

Geotechnical Software (gINT Software)

AQTESOLV for Windows (Aquifer test analysis software from HydroSOLVE)

Groundwater Software Links (from HydroSOLVE)

Stereoplot software

Plate tectonics software

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