THERMOCALC – Resources

Thermocalcis a thermodynamic calculation program (Powell & Holland 1988) that uses an internally-consistent thermodynamic dataset (Holland & Powell, 1998) to undertake thermobarometry and phase diagram calculations for metamorphic rocks. Thermocalc can be utilised to undertake a wide range of phase diagram calculations including P-T projections, P-T, P-x & T-x pseudosections, compatibility diagrams, µ-µ diagrams. It uses a non linear equation solver to calculate user-specified equilibria.

Roger Powell (University of Melbourne), Tim Holland (Cambridge University) and Richard White (University of Mainz) try to provide a much-expanded set of thermocalc resources than is currently available on the web. These include a more comprehensive set of activity-composition models and datafiles, more in-depth explanations of scripts, tutorials on how to calculate different types of diagrams and teaching resources for those wishing to incorporate phase diagram analysis and thermodynamic calculations into their courses.

Link to the THERMOCALC Website