Antonia Simon

PhD student

DFG Project in the framework of SPP “DOME” 2238
Dynamics of Ore Metals Enrichment (
Cooperation project Mainz (PIs: R. Botcharnikov, S.Buhre) – Hannover (PI: F. Holtz) – Freiberg (PIs: M. Tichomirowa, B. Schulz) – Erlangen (PI: R. Klemd)

“Rare-metal enrichment in carbonatite-bearing magmatic systems: Part B. Understanding the role of fractional crystallization and liquid immiscibility by experimental simulations of silicate-carbonatite systems”

Dynamics of Ore Metals Enrichment (

Carbonatites constitute the main source of REE and Nb. Most ore-bearing carbonatitic complexes are closely related to silica-undersaturated alkaline igneous rocks and are considered to differentiate from a parental carbonated basanitic-nephelinitic magma of mantle origin by crystal fractionation. This fractionation process, and in particular the role of immiscibility between a silicate and a carbonate melt at some stage of the differentiation as well as the partitioning of trace elements between co-existing melts is not understood. The proposed work program is designed to fill these gaps in our knowledge.