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Vorträge intern (& extern: von Institutsmitgliedern / Vortragsreihen)

Institutsseminar SS 2022, Dienstag 16.15-17.15 Uhr

Das Institutsseminar ist offen für alle Studierenden und Arbeitsgruppen der Geowissenschaften. Ziel ist es, neueste Ergebnisse der geowissenschaftlichen Forschung einer allgemeinen Zuhörerschaft zugänglich zu machen.

Achtung: Das Institutsseminar im SS 2022 findet online auf TEAMS statt.

Hier ist der Link zum Meeting: INSTITUTSSEMINAR SS 22


18.04.2022 - Kein Seminar -
26.04.2022 Robert Lemanis, BCUBE -Center for Molecular Bioengineering, Dresden
'How the Nautilus got its shell and other just so stories for academics'
03.05.2022 Mark Brandon, Yale University
'Thermokinematic modeling to resolve the mode of accretion in the Cascadia subduction wedge'
10.05.2022 Simon Schorn, University of Graz
‘Eclogitization of mafic and felsic protoliths – externally- vs. internally-sourced H2O’
17.05.2022 James Rae, St. Andrews University
'CO2 reconstruction on 100 to 100 million year timescales'
24.05.2022 - No seminar / EGU -
31.05.2022 Nicolas Riel, JGU Mainz
'3D Geodynamic modeling of subduction transference: application to Gibraltar and the Caribbean'
BIB 00 462
Stefanie Brückner, University of Manitoba
'Evaluating the potential for volcanogenic massive sulfide mineralizations: a case study on a back-arc volcanic-sedimentary sequence in British Columbia, Canada'
Senatssaal 07 232
Giuseppe Solaro, (IREA - Napoli)
'The DInSAR remote sensing for Earth-science applications'
Neil Davies, University Cambridge
'Signatures of biological influence in the siliciclastic sedimentary record: archiving at scales from individual organisms to the evolution of life'
Senatssaal 07 232
Manish Mamtani, IIT Kharagpur, India
'From oriented thin sections to oriented thin films - Moving towards nanokinematic analysis in Structural Geology'
Senatssaal 07 232
Arne Spang, JGU Mainz
"Thermomechanical modeling of magmatic systems"
Senatssaal 07 232
Marion Tichomirowa, TU Bergakademie Freiberg
"Dating magmatic rocks: how accurate and precise we can date?"
Senatssaal 07 232
Armin Zeh, KIT
"Zircons of the Bushveld Complex - Constrains for the timing of magma chamber accretion and intercumulus processes"