Institutsseminar Geowissenschaften / Vorträge

Lectures internally (& external: by institute members / lecture series)

Institute seminar SuSe 2024, Tuesday 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm

The institute seminar is open to all students and working groups in the geosciences. The aim is to make the latest results of geoscientific research accessible to a broad audience.

Attention: All events are offered in person in the old Library room 00 462 and online on Teams (link upon request). We mark different events in both the announcements and the appointment list.

April 23, 2024
Dr. Georg Reuber (Lufthansa)
Geosciences Alumni: working with data in industry research and consulting
April 30, 2024
Mr. Nils Baumann (AU Nuremberg)
Tellurium - a Novel Proxy to Unravel the Link Between LIP Volcanism and Mass Extinctions
May 7, 2024
00 462 Library
Dr. Viktoryia Yarushina (iFE Oslo)
THMC Modeling in Engineering and Geology Through Multiscale Approaches Rooted in First Principles
May 14, 2024
00 462 Library
Mr. Simon Boisserée (RWTH Aachen)
An adaptive space-time method for poroviscoelastic models with discontinuous porosities
May 21, 2024
Prof. Dr. Eva Eibl (GFZ Potsdam)
Episodic effusion patterns during the Geldingadalir 2021 eruption reveal a delicate system
May 28, 2024
00 462 Library
Prof. Dr. Muriel Gerbault (Géosciences Environment Toulouse)
Modeling of tectono-volcanic systems in the brittle crust
00 462 Library
Dr. Dominik Sorger (University of Göttingen)
From Archaean Sediments and Partial Melting in the Variscan Crust: Tales of Monazite
June 11, 2024
00 462 Library
Dr. Aratz Beranoaguirre (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main)
U-Pb geochronology by LA-ICPMS:
current achievements and future perspectives
June 18, 2024
00 462 Library
Dr. Laszlo Kocsis (University of Lausanne)
Fossil hunting in northern Borneo: an exceptional Neogene fish record and age estimation of the fossiliferous sites
June 25, 2024
00 462 Library

Dr. Alexandre Peillod (KIT, Karlsruhe)
Subduction, exhumation and disruption of a high-pressure unit: example of the Cycladic Blueschist Unit (Greece)
July 2, 2024
00 462 Library
Prof. Dr. Stephen J. Mojzsis (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
Hadean Earth bio-geo-dynamics
July 9, 2024
00 462 Library

Ms. Annalena Stroh (JGU)
Diffusion and growth modelling for petrological problems
July 16, 2024
00 462 Library

Prof. Dr. Kevin Burton (University of Durham)
Neodymium stable isotope behavior accompanying basalt weathering



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Organization of the institute seminar:

Jun. Prof. Dr. Anne Jantschke
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Evangelos Moulas