Projekte in der AG Petrologie

Rare-metal enrichment mechanism in anatectic pegmatites: Evidence from partial melting experiments

Visiting PhD student:  Siyu Liu
Funding: China Scholarship Council (CSC)

PIs: Rui Wang (Beijing) and Roman Botcharnikov (Mainz)

Metallogenesis of the submarine volcanogenic iron oxide deposit in Western Tianshan, NW China

Visiting PhD student: Hengxu Li
Funding: China Scholarship Council (CSC)

PIs: Zhaochong Zhang (Beijing), Tong Hou (Beijing) and Roman Botcharnikov (Mainz)

How platinum-group elements are accommodated in magmatic sulfide phases, substitutions and inclusions?

PIs: Hassan Helmy, Roman Botcharnikov
Funding: Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship

Student: BSc Elisa Winkes

Constraining the time scales of magmatic and metamorphic processes

PIs: E. Moulas and R. Botcharnikov
Funding: JGU

Student: PhD Annalena Stroh

Izu-Bonin-Mariana boninites - natural laboratory to study mantle melting and the evolution of magma plumbing systems in early stages of subduction

PIs: R. Almeev, F. Holtz, J. Koepke (Hannover), R.Botcharnikov (Mainz)
Funding: DFG, SPP OIDP

Students: --

Atmospheric Inorganic and Organic Selenium Speciation in Volcanic Environments

PI: Alexandra Gutmann

Funding: JGU

Spectroscopic analyses and quantification of water and iron contents in beryl from different localities

PIs: T. Häger and R.Botcharnikov
Funding: Idar-Oberstein, JGU

Student: PhD Carina Hanser

Enrichment processes during transfer of chromium from the mantle to the crust
PIs: R.Botcharnikov, E. Moulas, S. Buhre (Mainz)

Funding: DFG SPP “DOME” 2238 – Dynamics of Ore Metals Enrichment

Students: PhD Myriam Ruttmann

Rare-metal enrichment in carbonatite-bearing magmatic systems: Part A. Understanding magmatic evolution and enrichment processes in time by high-precision dating and inclusion studies

PIs: R. Botcharnikov (Mainz), F. Holtz (Hannover), M. Tichomirowa, B. Schulz (Freiberg), R.Klemd (Erlangen)
Funding: DFG SPP “DOME” 2238 – Dynamics of Ore Metals Enrichment

Students: PhD Daria Voropaeva (Freiberg), MSc Philipp Richert (Mainz)

Rare-metal enrichment in carbonatite-bearing magmatic systems: Part B. Understanding the role of fractional crystallization and liquid immiscibility by experimental simulations of silicate-carbonatite systems

PIs: M. Tichomirowa, B. Schulz (Freiberg), R. Botcharnikov, S.Buhre (Mainz), F. Holtz (Hannover),  R. Klemd (Erlangen)
Funding: DFG SPP “DOME” 2238 – Dynamics of Ore Metals Enrichment

Students: PhD Antonia Simon (Hannover – Mainz)

High-pressure and high-temperature treatment of diamonds

PIs: T. Häger, R.Botcharnikov, S.Buhre

Funding: Idar-Oberstein, JGU

Students: PhD Stefan Müller

Carbon recycling by arc magmatism: an assessment from experimentally homogenized melt inclusions in high-Mg olivine

PIs: R.Botcharnikov (Mainz), F. Holtz (Hannover), M.Portnyagin (Kiel), N. Mironov (Moscow)
Funding: DFG-RFBR Joint German-Russian Program

Students: PhD Stepan Krasheninnikov (Hannover – Mainz), BSc Anna Bott (Mainz)

Formation of monomineralic Fe-Ti oxide ores in the high-Ti ferrobasaltic system: A case study in Emeishan, China

PIs: F. Holtz (Hannover), R.Botcharnikov (Mainz), Z.Zhang (Beijing), T. Hou (Beijing)

Funding: DFG – China, Sino-German Program

Students: PhD Sarah Haselbach (Hannover), BSc Jonas Thiel (Mainz)

Behavior of chalcophile elements in subduction zone processes

PI: R.Botcharnikov
Funding: DFG

Students: PhD Anastasia Zemlitskaya, MSc Katharina Kuper, BSc Amanda Marianov, BSc Wieland Böhme, BSc Oumar Mbareck